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About the company
Today we are successfully continuing the family tradition of goods transportation across the European Union and the ex-Yugoslav countries.

The company`s headquarters are in Šempeter pri Gorici, at the Vrtojba international crossing. There are 28 employees.

For several years we have been offering our capacities with the purpose of overcoming the relations between the producer or the seller and the customer. We are appearing on the market as a quality offerer of transport and logistics services.

The quality is our guidance. Due to the size and the structure of the company we are able to adapt to the customer`s needs and wishers.

All of our vehicles meet the highest European standards.

Assessments for the future

  • take care of and emprove the communication with customers
  • adapting to the needs of pretentious customers
  • putting a stress on the quality and reliability
  • a collective, team work involving all the employees

Goals for the future

  • strenghtening the position of a reliable Slovene transporter
  • investing in the development of storage spaces
  • increasing the extent of home market and foreign market sales, especially the sales concerning the European Union markets

Strategic aims of the company

  • a constant growth and development of transport and logistics
  • a growth in the market share and an accelerated entering on the ex-Yugoslav markets
  • an improvement in the company`s competing advantages
  • a professional qualification and motivation for the employees

Name of the company: PREVOZNIŠTVO KLAUT d.o.o.
Address of the company: Mednarodni prehod 1, Vrtojba, 5290 Šempeter pri Gorici

Purchase tax ID number: SI 52414370
Register number: 1614576 Account No. 03130-1000169704

The activity:
60.240 Transport of goods with cargo motor vehicles with or without trailers
63.400 Offering mediation, organization, acquisition and delivery of transport businesses