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History and development
  In 1969 brothers Albin and Ivan KNAUT bought two trucks with a 10 tons load capacity and started developing an independent business path at home, at the Cvetlična Street in Šempeter near Gorica.

In the 70s they performed most of the transports for the SGP Gorica bulding company as to the arising necessities. With the opening of ABK – a new factory of reinforced concrete constructions, there arose the need for extraordinary transports with a cargo exceeding 33m. The Klaut brothers performed most of those transports and they had to be done in the ex-Yugoslav countries.


In the 80s the brothers gradually introduced their sons to the business and they were the ones to continue the family tradition of transport.

With a successful managing of an independent business their successors decided to unite the capacities in 2001 in order to create the KLAUT TRANSPORTATION Ltd. with its headquarters at the Vrtojba international crossing.